Displacements, 2010
Derangement, Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Curated by Michal Jachula

"The site-specific installation Displacements deals with situation, where the gallery space has become the subject of the work. A public sphere and its social aspect are inseparable from the individual psychological condition of experiencing it. The work takes the form of exhibition as a medium, executed through a system of sculptural, special and color interventions within the space of CCS Bard Galleries, establishing a spacio-temporal framework that responds to the theme of Derangement and determines the total experience of the exhibition." (Michal Jachula)


Untitled (without landmarks #2)

Untitled (without landmarks #2), 2006
Emerging Artist Exhibition, Berlin, Germany
From Here on Out, Cranbrook Art Museum, MI


Untitled (without landmarks #1)

Untitled (without landmarks #1), 2005
Drawing You In, Museum of New Art, Pontiac, MI


Blind Spot, 2006
All About Me, Open End Gallery, Chicago, IL



(Project in collaboration with Michelle Mahaney, Marty McElveen, Matt Miller, Andy Weitnauer)


Supermarket stacks of Coca Cola bottles were the point of departure for this project. Based on the space in between the bottles on a shelf the shape of a unit was derived for installation.
(In collaboration with Jessica Frelinghuysen and Oona Gardner)



Koshirakura Landscape Workshop, Japan, 2002

In a close relationship with the community and landscape, our team constructed a TEMPORARY ROOF STRUCTURE to house 200 people. We used locally available materials, ‘surplus’ timber – off-cuts from the timber industry, discarded tree trunks and locally made rice-straw rope for the construction. The structure was designed for the annual celebration of the MOMIJI MATSURY (Maple Tree Festival).


Highland Park Pot Luck BBQ Documentary

Highland Park Pot Luck BBQ was a project conceived by Jeff Sturges to stimulate community identity and inspire new visions for the future of Highland Park, Detroit, Michigan. The BBQ took place on April 16th, 2005 and is to become an annual celebration. Documentary by Mikolaj Szoska.